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Broadway Pediatrics Child Care Program

Age Special Topics Handouts Immunizations
3-4 Days hospital follow-up after discharge in first 48 hours Hep B if needed
2 Weeks FeedingSafety Back to Sleep Hep B if needed
6 Weeks Sleep Tummy Time Prevnar Rotovirus
2 1/2 Months Illness & Fever Accident Prevention You & Your Pediatrician Pentacel (DPaT,IPV,HIB) Hep B
3 1/2 Months Feeding Feeding Solid Foods Prevnar Rotovirus
4 1/2 Months Accident Prevention Sleep Problems in Children Dental Health Pentacel (DPaT,IPV,HIB)
6 1/2 Months Pentacel (DPaT,IPV,HIB) Prevnar Rotovirus Flu (in season)
9 Months Tantrums Shoes Temper Tantrums Hep B
12 Months Weaning MMR Varivax Hep A
15 Months HIB Prevnar
18 Months DPaT Hep A
2 Years Behavior Discipline Toilet Training Toilet Training Flu (in season)
2 1/2 Years
3+ Years Flu annually (in season)
11 Years TDaP Menactra Gardasil
16 Years Menactra
17 Years Men B (optional)